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Embrace your confidence and say no to the Stereotype

In the last few years,
African men have gotten tired of all the ‘Manly’ colours that flooded the men’s fashion market, making them resort to softer colours and hues to stay afloat the style boat.
As a man, There are no Faux Pas to wearing the silently strong color pink and definitely no Rules to that game!
OUR TIPS:  make sure the shades are right and most importantly, the type of fabric is flattering to your masculine form.
As seen here,
these men are eloping with the vibrance and fresh air the colour carries.
The Colour PINK has stopped being associated with queer folks alone, Men now wear pink almost as effortless as they wear blue.
‘Fashion is not for sissies’ and only a bold and daring man will confidently throw on a colour as happy as Pink.
So brothers,
Go out there, embrace your confidence and say no to the Stereotype!
Photo Credits: instagram
Models: Mac Joseph
Gabriel Akinosho
Mr Gilly.