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HAT ATTACK! The Panama vs Fedora.

To just anyone,
the fedora may look exactly like a Panama hat as they both feature similarly proportioned crowns, bonds, brims and tapers.
 The noticeable difference between the two hats is the material used in making them: the Panama is constructed of jipijapa, or straw, and the fedora is almost always made of felt, usually wool or fur.
The Panama is of Ecuadorian origin whiles the ‘Fedora’ is derived from the Greek word ‘theodoros’ which literally means “gift of God”.
 The Fedoran Style arguably dates back to the 1880s and was made popular first in the united states.
 Whiles both hats are loved by men of fine taste, they have however found a way to stay fashionably relevant to contemporary style and culture.
Fitting into different looks through the years as the need for fashionable men to rock a head peice is never overemphasided.
When next you get into a state of confusion between both mancessories, use your fifth sense.
Photo Credit: Instagram
Source : Southern Gents & Galpon.co