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A Groom in Pink, Try or Fry?


So, we’ve all grown up to seeing african men wear darker shades of suits on their wedding day, in recent times though; african men are tilting towards nude colours and softer hues on their big day and we have seen it all from grey to silver and even carton.
However, we are yet to really see african men turn up in peach or pink suits and we wonder why?
One would think the Stereotype, deeming the Pink Groom more approriate for a gay weeding but i think it will be very beautiful to see a really dark skinned and manly african man go soft on his wedding day.
For me, the hues do matter a lot and i will love to think that; rather complement the groomsmen, a bride and groom can alternate colour codes in a brilliant switch.
Groom and bridesmaids in Pink and Bride and groomsmen in darker shades.
Over the continent, there is a huge love for pink by african brides and that is because it is the simplest colour to fall back safely on when confused about colours of the day.
A baby pink blazer, white shirt, Purple tie and Buttonaire over a black pant and patent dress shoe would be my ideal ‘Groom in pink’
Be it a Try or a Fry, i think i might just be that groom in pink. afterall, life is too short not to wear bright colours. *wink*
– Teinye Boyle
Photo Credit: Instagram
Model & Designer: @Mombassa1er