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HAIR WE GO…The Trending Men’s Hairstyles.








Be it long, medium or short, there’s always a space for your hair in a good barber’s shop!

Let’s talk about some of the trending hairstyles for men right now.

 The current trends are sharp lines, low to high fades, twisted curls, clean lineups, faux hawks, frohawks, short waves, hard parts, short flat tops, smokey blonde and short dreds.
Below, you’ll find pictures of some of the best cuts coming out of the freshest barbershops around the continent.
Our men didn’t come to play and the barbers aint joking either.
We see more men going blonde these days  (even though that trend is about two seasons late) and we cant help but love how it suits the many, especially our celebrities.
For the bald brothers like us, we’ll stick to beard game only hehehe.
Yours in Style,
Teinye Boyle.
Credit: Instagram
Salon: Kayz Place
Saygo Cutz