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Prints are very expressive graphic fabrics often following a series of patterns and colours in a unique way to accentuate uniformity, their texture also varies from silk to cotton and even wool.
While i will say we arrived a little late to this particular party, i will also add that african men around the world are taking their bite off this trend that’s hardly out of season.
Since the days of Bright Chimezie and his very expressive prints and sequence signature, more men have been seen bolding up to the trend right from the 70s upwards.
Let’s talk about the Dos and Donts of rocking Prints as a manly man.
1. Only Feature prints in your essemble when the rest of the ensemble is either in the nude family or just pick a colour from the print and  highlight just that colour.
2. The More dramatic and expressve the prints are, the less volume you should add. ie your ties, pocket fillers, socks, scarf and other accesories should feature the most poping prints and not your shirts, pants or hats.
3.  There are no colour restrictions for men so long it fits into your personal style ethos.
4. Print on Print are also a good go only if both colours and patterns complement your masculinity.
1. it is Faux Pas to wear more than two different print colours or patterns at a go!
2. ”Less is More” with this trend so you do want to feature only the right and most complementing print accessories to your look, one bad inclusion and your entire effort to look urbane is thwarted.
3. Be you a manly man or effeminate man, wearing elaborate print hats and sunglasses are a no no! Even ‘Mr Brown’ never wore one.
4. You cannot pull off an All-Print look if you decide to wear a particular print fabric from your head to your toe, play or highlight one bold colour  (from the print) and step into the right shoes, belts, Purse and hats that best creates that colour balance.
Here are the few  things we thought you’d love to know about rocking Prints.
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