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Let’s talk the ‘SMASUAL’ look!









To many , it is the referred to as the  Business – Casual look or Alternate Business look.

We however dub it ‘SMASHUAL’ .


SMASHUAL is a combination of two words and looks ; the SMART and CASUAL looks respectively.

The SMART look is the Coperate look we find lurking around white collar offices whiles the CASUAL look is the get-on-the-move kind of look for creatives who can not be bothered with looking too serious.

This look is easily adopted by entrepreneurs in the creative and fashion industry because of it’s  style potentials and soothing comfort.

The men in tropical africa will likely go smashual with a chinos trouser, cotton shirt and loafers. The option of an informal blazer  will come to play if only it is the right weather for it.

The brothers in temperate countries will throw in some jeans, boots, a blazer (unfastened) and maybe a turtle neck or sweat shirt.

The need to feel SMART is of great importance when trying this look out.

Comfort also has a major role to play in all these as the look cannot be called SMASHUAL if not comfortably put together.

‘Less is More’ will be the anthem this ensemble plays to as entrepreneurs or non white-collar persons will constantly be on the move at all times.


Our ideal SMASHUAL LOOK will be:


1. Temprate Regions:

Turtle Neck or Cardigans over fitted denims or chinos trousers on leather boots or derby, one can throw in a trench coat or robe (in winter) and replace Cardigans and turtle necks with checkered shirts or light sweat shirts and matching waistcoats (unfastened) in summer or spring.


2. Tropical Regions:

Polo t-shirts over chinos or jeans (tucked in), loafers or SHANDALS  and probably a fedora or newsboy hat for sunscreening.

In Rain, introduce a sleeveless  cardigan over very light long sleeved shirts or a sleeved cardigan which will serve as a  cape (of warmth)  around your neck.

It matters alot that your mancessories are well put too, pop some colours from your socks, wristwatches and bracelets.

Be at liberty to  break the norm and use unconventional patterns like the pin stripes, bold stripes, checkered and graphic for your trousers or shirts.

Are you an entrepreneur or creative?

Adopt the various looks of SMASHUAL and get yourself introduced without saying a word.

Remember: Your Style is your introduction!

Photo credit: Instagram

Models : Gabriel Akinosho / Stillelegant Man / King Levi

Yours In Style,

Teinye Boyle.