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The Year 2018 was indeed a good year for some of us in Style… here are the Best dressed men in 2018 for us.


it was a year of fashion possibilities and I’d like to say that most daring fashion statements were made this past year.


amongst it all, some men have managed to evolve through the process by melting all ice and becoming fluid all year round.


Our TOP LIST 8 BEST DRESSED MEN are those who showed consistency and carved a fashion niche for themselves, from King Levi’s 3 colour signature to Ebuka’s spontaneity and Arnold Ossei’s dapper culture; we find these men’s style utmost intriguing and worthy of emulation.


Gentlemen & Gentlemen, Here’s our TOP LIST for the year 2018 ( in no particular order) as curated by GuyManStyle.



Asides being the Cover Boy for our Big Fashion Issue (Special Christmas Edition) , he is one man whose influence is transcontinental, with a good following on social media – His reign as a fashion lion influences online pop-culture vigorously.


Being called ‘Mr 3 colours’ , he lives up to the title by dishing out daily style rules which breaks the traditional rule of colour matching, making him a demi-god of style.






Noble clearly will be on many best dressed list due to his brilliant choice of patterns and fabric, he’s the go to man for excellent fabric usage as with him, there are no rules!


Turning the Popular Eastern Nigerian fabric ‘IsI Agwu’ into what can be worn so casually and rocking various size-flattering outfits fit for the not-so-tall man, he sure is one brother whose reign may never end.





Akin remains one of the freshest on the pack as he is very youthful and will not hesitate to translate that youthfulness into his style energy.


Gallantly standing on Style’s Safe Side, he manages to seldom stretch men’s fashion to it’s elastic limits and still gets the nods.


We will definitely come for some fashion treatment Dr Akin.



For us, Ebuka’s  greatest gift will be his gait and composure.


Each time he dishes out a new style,  we see him wearing confidence so confidently !


Not an edgy brother at all, he manages to stop the show in his usually ‘classic’ look; A high note hardly hit by many.


you go boy!



Commanding so much accolades at a young age is this man whose style game stays unrivalled.


With Denola, the is no wrong !


Blessed with the physique every top model would die for and the ‘star quality’ every fashionista craves, he is one young man that has soared inimitably.


From grey hairs to gold shandals, Denola’s menu is a hit back to back! and each year having it’s own USP.




Mr Bowler, the noiseless divo!


There is something about Pade’s sense of style that makes him command so much respect from afar.


A  reserved and classy gentleman, he manages to send style signals our way without even announcing it.


Wearing a suit like a don and casual like a billionaire, Pade is one man to look at if ‘Success’ is what your style hopes to portray.


We’ll crown him ‘lord of lords’.




The interesting thing about OBJ’s style is that it doesn’t conform to times and seasons.


with OBJ, January is Summer and August is Winter!


Showing up incredibly spontenous  at every event is a super power reserved for him.


The Young & Restless OBJ is one man to draw style inspo from.



If you are a lover of suits then Arnold is your fairy god father.


A definition of Male elegance and exagerated

style, he struts into this list with his uncommon choice of accessories.


Arnold is one black man who is shaping the suit culture, one lapel at a time!



Gentlemen, There you have them!

our 8 Best Dressed Men of 2018



Dress good and Feel good this season,

see you in 2019.




Yours in Style,

Teinye Boyle